Following his military career, Vernon joined the financial services industry to better understand how to manage family finances and develop a legacy for his daughter. Intrigued with the many investment, insurance, retirement and estate planning choices available to formulate a roadmap, Vernon embarked on his new career as a financial advisor determined to make it simple for everyone to understand and make the best possible choices regarding their financial matters.

In 1989 he became insurance licensed, followed by securities licensing in 1991.

While maintaining Principal/Supervisory Registrations and Securities Licenses/General registrations, he became a fiduciary financial planner in 2005, in order to have the ability to work on behalf of his clients rather then work as a representative of a company or financial entity.

Currently, Vernon services clients in multiple states in the US. His dedication has distinguished him with a variety of awards such as: Member of National Register’s Who’s Who in Executives Professional, Van Kampen Funds Generations Club Award, Van Kampen Funds Chairman Circle Award, Lincoln President’s Club, Jackson National STARS recognition Award, DWS Scudder Investments Silver Award, National Recognition for Securities, Insurance, and Mortgage Sales Citigroup , Five Million Dollar Portfolio Award.

Vernon also spends time with his hobbies and enjoys classic car clubs, marksmanship, martial arts, travel and the arts. Vernon is a member of Isshin-Jujitsu association in Knoxville and contributes to the local arts on an ongoing basis.

If you would like to meet Vernon and receive additional information, please contact us at (865) 940-0278.

(865) 940-0278
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